Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Things worth spending money and time on

1 Travel.
And I don't mean commuting. Any travel, will it be for a day out in a new place or holiday. And it doesn't have to be abroad. Ok for me living in UK only 9 years there are still places I haven't seen. Here are lovely little towns and villages so picturesque that it's a pleasure just to be there. I can stay in Travelodge for £24 (managed to get that once so far), but if there is nice town or something else worth visiting I am on.

2 Shoes.
Any shoes, flats, heels, boots, trainers. Whatever is your thing. They have to be well made and comfortable. and real leather is the thing.

3 Skin care.
Because you can always buy new clothes, but your skin should last you all your life. And don't get me wrong- big brands don't always mean better quality. Just find something which works for you.

4 Perfumes.
In this case brand matter. As there are few which use natural ingredients and they tend to be expensive. They as well last for longer as the % of the perfume in perfume is bigger. And bigger the better.

5 Hobbies.
Whatever it is what you like to do, collecting small animal figurines, knitting, skydiving. Whatever floats your boat. Money spent on that will always be rewarding.

6 Your home.
Making your house a home is important. So spending money on it is worth it. If it makes you want to be there it worth it. Even small seemingly unimportant things like candles and cushions, and blankets.

7 You.
Your education, passions, investing in yourself is important.

8 Languages.
Just as above. And it is great to be able to communicate with people in different places. And it can give you fall back job option (I know. I work as an interpreter for last 7 years).

And what would you add to this list?

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