Sunday, 2 August 2015


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hope you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Things worth spending money and time on

1 Travel.
And I don't mean commuting. Any travel, will it be for a day out in a new place or holiday. And it doesn't have to be abroad. Ok for me living in UK only 9 years there are still places I haven't seen. Here are lovely little towns and villages so picturesque that it's a pleasure just to be there. I can stay in Travelodge for £24 (managed to get that once so far), but if there is nice town or something else worth visiting I am on.

2 Shoes.
Any shoes, flats, heels, boots, trainers. Whatever is your thing. They have to be well made and comfortable. and real leather is the thing.

3 Skin care.
Because you can always buy new clothes, but your skin should last you all your life. And don't get me wrong- big brands don't always mean better quality. Just find something which works for you.

4 Perfumes.
In this case brand matter. As there are few which use natural ingredients and they tend to be expensive. They as well last for longer as the % of the perfume in perfume is bigger. And bigger the better.

5 Hobbies.
Whatever it is what you like to do, collecting small animal figurines, knitting, skydiving. Whatever floats your boat. Money spent on that will always be rewarding.

6 Your home.
Making your house a home is important. So spending money on it is worth it. If it makes you want to be there it worth it. Even small seemingly unimportant things like candles and cushions, and blankets.

7 You.
Your education, passions, investing in yourself is important.

8 Languages.
Just as above. And it is great to be able to communicate with people in different places. And it can give you fall back job option (I know. I work as an interpreter for last 7 years).

And what would you add to this list?

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Another craft project for future and one down, more to go

Craft project for future is:

Found it on the market for 5, could not resist. Needs a bit of TLC and will be like new. Just waiting for few bits and bobs.

One down one to go is ongoing project of remaking old picture frames (charity shop finds) into something more useful.

So paint them both gold and next stage is:

Caged butterfly.

Real use for it is- earing hanger.

And what are yours current projects? Dare to share.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Playing with Photoshop

Just pictures today.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

To do list

I will skip boring things that needs sorting like tax return. It's only about my holiday craft projects.

1 Cushions, more cushions, preferably in patchwork made out of old fabrics and clothes.
2 Bookcases, they need uplifting with some nice decoupage.
3 Welsh dresser, needs sanding and painting, or just varnishing- haven't decided yet.
4 Card these 2 fleeces which are waiting for it over a year.
5 Finish rug with carded wool.
6 Make a rug from cut up dressing gowns.
7 Sideboard from lounge needs uplifting (paint or decoupage?).
8 Make those light woolen trousers I think about for a year.
9 Make some more of pictures for the walls.
10 Make woven belt, which means making a heddle first.

So list of 10. At least I started on the cushions. And then got side tracked, Just found lovely picture frames in charity shop so going to work on them first.
But on the achievement side just finished another huge cushion cover. Here it is.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What is slow life?

Several years ago we made decision to start to work for ourselves instead for various other people. That completely improved our work-life balance. First because we both do what we enjoy so work is not a stress and sometimes great fun. Second, because we have great flexibility when we do what and how much time we spend as a family.
That as well gives me time do try lots and lots of different crafts, bake lots of cakes and teach our daughter that life is not closed in TV screen (which we don't have). It all happened slowly and gradually. Too much of a shock wouldn't be good in that matter.

So first went the telly. We live without it for almost 6 years now. And apart of the time when I was student first time and didn't have one because couldn't afford it, this is longest time without one. Completely conscious decision, on which we will never go back. And believe me, once you get rid on one then you realise how much time it was stealing. We all are guilty ,of sitting in front of one till 3 am, because we just flicked on different channel. Now if we want to watch something, it's on the computer, on demand and one thing at the time.  Or simply go to cinema. But even better read the book. Or do something else. Suddenly there are  other things to do.

Then we took up gardening, in a sense of growing our own fruit and veg. We even kept chicken for few years, but they damaged the garden too much, so its easier to buy free range eggs. Especially if you have limited space.

We all are quite big on recycling, upcycling, renovating etc. So we do best we  can with limited resources. Because lets be honest, working for yourself means no regular pay cheque. Fortunately we have quite established household, and any investments can be made when we can and want to. Majority of our furniture comes from freecycle, secondhand shops and car boot sales. Some are donation from friends. Most got a bit of work. I don't have photos before and after, just after will have to do. They  are on my Instagram

Food, that is whole huge chapter of our lives.
We all need to eat. We all should eat well. We all know that.
I am lucky, I love cooking. It helps me unwind after busy day. To the extent that I not only cook everything from scratch, but as well make my own preserves and pickles.  Lots of our activities evolve around the food. Gathering wild fruit for  jams and pies, Elderflowers for cordial and wild mushrooms for pates. It is amazing how much wild stuff you can find within urban areas. Just short walk from home we have cherry trees, pears, plums and bramley apples. All it takes is a bit of effort.
We have neighbour who shoots rabbits and drops them on our doorstep. All we have to do is to skin it, gut it and cook it. I know horrible to think for some, but if you eat meat, you have to come to terms  with where it came from.

So big question is how do I link my passion for fashion with all of that. Simples - as  King Julian would say. Fashion - in all aspects, the one to wear and the one of interior is only inspiration. If I find something I really want and can't afford it, I try to make it. Or something close to. But sometimes it only about idea. Sometimes I can find something close enough on the high street and modify it. Amazing what you can do once you make friends with sawing machine.

And the real luxury is having time for what you like to do, not to buy stuff with designer logo on it for elevated price. And not getting into debt due to said stuff. Only to outdo your friend, or follow favourite celeb.
At the moment my luxury is to have time to do colouring with my daughter (there are some great ones on amazon look for Millie Marotta), choose the best ones and frame them in decoupaged frames from charity shop and create absolutely unique home decor.

I know rather long ramble. And it only meant to be list of the stuff which I want to do during my holiday. Oh well, leave it for next post.

Friday, 29 May 2015

I am on holiday

at least from Uni that is. So according to plan my days should be filled with all my craft projects, which got put off for later.
However reality is a bit different. I managed to make one patchwork cushion. And bake one cake.
Rest of the time was preoccupied with family, work,  food shopping and going out for walks. Nothing too exciting.

Anyway I should put recipe for the cake. Will do later.
Instead look at the huge cushion cover I made. It has to be so big, as the cushion was handmade by Grandma with down from home grown geese.

Slow life at its best at my parents.